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WE CARE! Healthy Thai Food

Authentic Thai-Laotian food made with

fresh vegetables straight from our own farm in Kahuku.

We grow and use organic vegetables as much as possible (about 70%). 


No MSG Added. Vegan friendly.

We can accommodate to your liking.

Khao Poun
Yum Woon Sen
Bua Loy
Tom Yum with Handmade Noodle Soup
Papaya in our farm
Lad Na
Fried Whole Fish with Spicy Sauce
Ginseng Whole Chicken Soup
Summer Rolls

From our Farm to your Table

6/18/2020 ★​★​★​★​★ 
I live in town they used to operate in Shirokiya but have since moved to Ka Makana Ali'i.    Honestly I've made the trip three times now and have not been disappointed.  

So far I have tried:

Tofu Fried Rice my favorite Level 3 Spice

Thai Pho tried today super tasty and light.   Got it level 2.

Crying Tiger Beef super tasty.  Careful on spice level if not used to spicy food.

LARB!!!  as far as beef dishes go this is my favorite here.

So if you're headed to Kapolei or want to take a nice drive make time to stop by.   I am planning to go at least three times a month.

My brother ate the yellow curry today with sticky rice.   Super good as well .

They started doing take out with Bite Squad and Door Dash if you want take out options.

-Ryan O. Honolulu, HI   - Yelp Reviewer


6/16/2020 ​★​★​★​★
ordered take out from here and the massaman curry is absolutely delish. unable to attest to the dine in experience but the curry is very very good, and i'm pretty picky with my thai food

-Genevieve A. Honolulu, HI - Yelp Reviewer

6/14/2020 ​★​★​★​★
 2 check-ins
A very welcome take out option for Kapolei! We decided give them a try instead of our usual Thai place and we were not disappointed. We only had two dishes: the drunken noodle and the Penang curry, but both were hot, flavorful, and plentiful. Don't forget to order rice with your curry as you'll want something to sop up all of that delicious sauce with!

I love that they use fresh ingredients that they grow themselves and, because it's made to order, you can customize just about every dish from level of heat to substitutions.

 We'll have to try more on the menu to see if they can hold on their 5-star rating!

-Robin D.Ewa Beach, HI
 - Yelp Reviewer

5/31/2020 ​★​★​★​★
I tried this place out two times since it opened in Kapolei.

The first time I would give it a 3-star, but that might be my fault, as I overestimated the heat (level 2 isnt very spicy) and the food was kind of bland. The Panang curry & pad Thai were both really peanut buttery... although I love PB. You can noticeably taste the freshness of locally grown produce and I felt better than I normally do after Thai... but wasn't super excited to go back.

However... we were in the area again and decided to give it another shot - we got green curry w/ chicken, pad kee mao w/ pork, eggplant & tofu stir fry, and Tom yum soup w/ shrimp. The spice level 3 was still a little less spicy than I like, but I took a complimentary side of pepper flakes and that did the trick. The curry was awesome, the pad kee mao good flavor with really thin cut pork. The eggplant stir fry was really fresh and I didn't feel bad about eating it. I'd recommend the Tom yum soup, too. Disclaimer: there were mushrooms in everything - great for me, but heads up if you don't like mushrooms.

I loved walking in and seeing three women running the front and kitchen. It was the end of the evening and they made an extra order of summer rolls, so gave them to us! Glad they did bc I will order them next time; really fresh & good peanut sauce.

Thai Lao, the Kapolei competition, is still my favorite in flavor depth & profile, but S&S is noticeably fresher. They're still new so giving them time and definitely will order again.

-Megan R. Kapolei, HI - Yelp Reviewer

5/25/2020 ​★​★​★​★
 So this was my first time coming here and the food tastes great.  They are setup for distance ordering and pickup for takeout only right now.  We ordered ahead and had a variety of food. I did have a couple other than in the Pics like sticky rice and yellow seafood curry.  I really want to try some other ones next time.  Every thing looks and smells soo good.

-Henry P. Kapolei, HI - Yelp Reviewer

5/20/2020 ​★​★​★​★
Checked out this new Thai restaurant, it did not disappoint! We ordered takeout and service was good, friendly staff, some other Thai places around here aren't as friendly. Food tasted so good and they give you a lot for a decent price. You should definitely check out S&S! You can order online too.

-Kay O. Saint Louis Hills, Saint Louis, MO - Yelp Reviewer

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